DuskyEyes DuskyEyes Human

this is utterly beautiful, and would also look amazing in a lighter print/darker tee.

metaphore metaphore Human

I would buy this in a heartbeat

Like it

RCA22 RCA22 Human


I think it’s great! I’d definately buy it, but in a different color… Perhaps a blue-gray?

oh my god, when i saw this shirt i knew i had to have it, the contrast of the arms and legs are amazing!

Foxx27 Foxx27 Human

Same as the others, looks great but I’d like to see more detail and different colors.

dudley53 dudley53 Human

Mysterious. Ink and shirt colors will be critical

I really like the idea, and I’d love to see a link with the image in greater detail.

-HF- -HF- Artist

This is cool. I like the style and the mystery.

Whoa – so cool! Print it and I’ll buy – I might prefer it on a different color though… but I’d still buy. Any chance you could post a link to see more detail?

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