mitja mitja Human from Slovenia

awesome colors!

wow…really cool

Koinoi Koinoi Artist


coted for this one..

imennow imennow Human

nice design bro

katgrace katgrace Human

awesome t:) have i seen this design somewhere before?!

ahhh…those circles are so popular now-a-days…

JWorks JWorks Human

i’d be the coolest kid on the block wearing this. seriously though.

^2nd that. Vote +1! Print DBH!!!

i want to buy it!! come on print this :)

DrStein DrStein Artist

This is one of the best tshirt I’ve seen on this site… great work!

want it in small. please order more.

hege hege Artist

This is fantastic!

hege hege Artist

This is fantastic!

varkentje varkentje Human

reprint in small please


axotyl axotyl Human

medium reprint please!!!!

VisComica VisComica Human

Nice work mate! Reprint in medium please.

i absolutely love this design! but i really need it in a medium or a large! :[

kasayaayi kasayaayi Human

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease reprint in L or M!!!!!!!!

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