yeah dude, that was kinda mean of me to say.
I did however say it right after i read some much harsher comments on a way awesome design of someone elses, that were coming from either you or your friends, whatever is going on there.

I apologize however.
Keep working on stuff.

apparently everybody who keeps saying oh hes in 10th grade oh hes 16.. blah blah blah. like im some old guy picking on a little kid. i’m the same fucking age, thats what I’m saying.

joemac joemac Human

so, im sorry for voting 5 times on my buddies shirt, i didn’t think this competition meant so much to a lot of people, if I did then I wouldn’t have done it, so my apologies, and ghostfuneral who cares how old you are

dudley53 dudley53 Human

Nice touch joemac. Honesty is rare. You’re welcome here anytime, you know.

wow this site is a joke, twice the drama as threadless, but 1/10 the talent.

horseman horseman Human

threadless used to be good, but now all the shirts they make are trying to be too cute. They need to go back to their roots. DBH has great designers and awsome shirts

yeah I’m not like the general styles from threadless. Jake you got my vote bud

Krobzy Krobzy Human

Thanks for the submission. The originality and creativity you used in this piece is excellent. Got my vote.

86 votes OMFG ! WHY HASN’T THIS PRINTED YET !!!!!!.........

oh…cause if DBH liked it they could probably save $750, purchase “CLIP ART VOLUME 1” and make it themselves in about 5 minutes.

Shebaz Shebaz Human

Despite all of the controversy, I think it looks better on the picture than on the shirt.

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