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i’m sorry but i have to beg to differ. dagnis created something from scratch – no clip art. to an extent i can see where your coming from, and i think the use of clip art can be ok at times, as long as it’s used to create an original piece, but i think that the problem here is that when you look at the image, it’s overtly apparent that it’s made from completely unrelated parts which lets it down somewhat.

precirf precirf Human

no more trees!!!!!

mr_artisto mr_artisto Artist

this is really funny actually how bent put of shape people are getting, dude this is your art and it may not be eceryones cup o’ tea. But its how you express yourself, good sing by the way, lol, anyway keep working and submit more! Peace.

anybody pause to think that the design is clip art and not hand drawn for a reason? I think that it is an ironic symbol reflecting the recent trend of “green” and how the U.S. has taken the idea of enviornment preservation and turned it into a fashion statement.

as for the fact that this kid has the support of his friends- you’re right, that’s just terrible…..

Thank you for the comments, I told some friends about this shirt contest thing, they like it, told other people, and made their own accounts at their own choice, I did not make 45 different accounts. Yes, all it is is a bunch of vector images put to together to make a tree. If you look at yesterdays shirt of the day it is a compilation of lines with a gradient thrown on top, not much different… Thanks again for the comments

Leo10 Leo10 Human

Everyone should calm down, jake is not making fake accounts to vote for his shirt, we all go to school together and someone sent an email to our school news folder informing everyone of jakes entry, and a lot of people decided to make accounts and vote for jake in hopes of him winning, just because some people made multiple accounts on their own is no reason for you to get angry at jake.
If you don’t like the design then just don’t vote for it and move on, there is no reason for you to leave angry and nasty comments trashing jakes design.

just for the record about all the 10th grade 16 years old graduating in 2010 stuff…. it’s not like i’m 25. I’m 17…

dudley53 dudley53 Human

Thanks hipauliee. That sort of advice can really help young artists. Go Jake.

KLaing10 KLaing10 Human

Coolest shirt! I’d wear it!

dudley53 dudley53 Human

I agree fromschool, but it’s Jake start. Hopefully he will develop his style and creativity as time passes. I think it’s cool that a soph in HS would even try to submit a design, regardless of its complexity.

it really doesnt teach you anything or get you anywhere? wise words. NOT just because jakes shirt probably rips on your doesnt mean anything first of all. second of all it doesnt give u the right to be a dick about it…greattt hes a sophmore is HS get a grip on yourself. he did this for fun..not to get criticized by other people over and over again..for real like chill out and jus move on. people took it upon themselves to create multiple accounts. we’ve contacted them and told them to stop. which they did. so all of a few votes are from the same person..still doesnt change the fact that jake has AT LEAST 55 or some odd votes. plus hes expressing himself in a cool and unique way. soo chill everybody who wants to hate…if this shirt isnt ur ‘cup of tea’ then jus pass and dont vote for it. My opinion, i like this shirt and would wear it myself. good job jakey kid keep it up.

yes, I graduate high school in 2010

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

ahhh you speak the truth dudley. wise words. I totally agree. I am a senior and about to leave high school. i am still a novice at what i do. i dont have a scanner to put my other works in so i have to stick to illustrator for now. I am sure the more you work at making things, the better they will get. I play video games, watch crazy movies, and listen to insane music to get inspired. try doing those kind of things to get inspired. cant wait to see some more work from you in the future.

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

oh and look at lyrics of songs. that can help paint some crazy images in your head that can end up being something sweet!
good luck man.

dudley53 dudley53 Human

Jake, is 2010 the year you graduate from HS?

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

can we just get off each other’s backs? honestly. 10th grade. what… like 16 years old? chill the fuck out and let him do what he wants. people being judgmental far beyond reasoning is getting annoying now. if you are going to say something, like TRY to make it partially helpful? otherwise, you are just stating your lame opinion that really has no worthwhileness. dont waste you time saying “its just a dump of clip art”. what if you made that… and you got that as a comment. put yourself in other peoples shoes for a change… UGH. people.

dudley53 dudley53 Human

Decent advice Leo10.

Setup85 Setup85 Artist from United States

Not really digging this design and the colors do not fit very well.

dudley53 dudley53 Human

That would make you a sophomore, right. So, you’re really just getting into serious graphics. Just keep working at it. My suggestion is for some of the good artists on this site to give you some constructive advice. Dagnis, hipauliee, mr_artiso and some of you other good guys, give Jake some guidance. Maybe he will become a good graphics guy. Don’t worry about the fake accounts. I really think DBH has that figured out, if it’s true. Teach.

i’m not saying its not cool if your a beginner. but copy and pasting clip art is different from working on drawing your own piece… it really doesn’t teach you anything or get you anywhere.

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