joshxt joshxt Human

got this shirt today. very nice. medium is a little bit small though. but not to where its a problem.

Mattj7 Mattj7 Human

I really like this shirt, but I think it would look better without the hands and doves. It’s a great design, that just how I would like this shirt, with just the black and really cool looking splash of red.

fink415 fink415 Human

my girlfriend gave me this shirt as a valentine’s gift, I love it.
+1 to you. shalom, buddy!

jenamate jenamate Human

I wore this shirt yesterday – I love the hand and doves btw. I think just the black with red splash would make it look like a regular designed shirt – almost spedo swimsuit style. The doves and hand give it a unique artist painterly feel:)

Trentster Trentster Human

First shirt I bought from DBH and most certainly not the last. Very impressed in design and quality! You’ve earned a fan!

Gaaaah need this reprinted in a Mens Medium please!!

Lain01 Lain01 Human from Spain

L size please… this shirt is one of my favourite designs… PLEEEEASEEEE!

Medium reprint? : D

Would love a reprint in men’s large.

be-jot be-jot Human

girls medium reprint :)

padesign padesign Human from Victoria, Australia

Please reprint this.

dragonrk dragonrk Human

Men’s large reprint please.

JayGrooveMaster JayGrooveMaster Human from Mexico

Mens Medium reprint please!!!!

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