this is money.

renfrue renfrue Artist

I love ur designs

polynothing polynothing Artist from California, United States

sweet! :)

RikkiB RikkiB Artist from Australia

My new ultimate favourite

RCA22 RCA22 Human

i dont like where it says game over, but i love the tee

JDigory JDigory Human

I love the design, but shirt color…ech. I won’t wear a white shirt! Unless I hide the design, so yeah. ech

Love the gradiant. Amazing design very nice. I would deffinantly buy it if it wins

dudley53 dudley53 Human

Definitely marketable

chanash chanash Human

i would buy it so badly. its awesome =]

robsoul robsoul Artist from United States

awesome, I love it.

Steven Steven Artist

yeah, this is cool. i think i already have one of yours on white though – could we get another colour?

that’s just me being selfish though!!

WANT. In another color, also.

Recycledwax Recycledwax Artist

awesome! print print print print! :D héhé

kiLLyou kiLLyou Human


cuypi cuypi Artist

thanx ;)

LucaT LucaT Artist

Cool! I like design and colors. And halfotnes too, it’s really putted up well.

Bisparulz Bisparulz Artist

Wow amazing!

eskimokiss eskimokiss Artist

yeah that 12 club shirt of yours rocks (and so does this) but i’m with steven, i’d love to see some tee colour variations

feeqfeeq feeqfeeq Human

this could be one of my favourite best design.. just loved it..

Saeed Saeed Human

i remember seeing this somewhere, not sure though. Anyway, HOT design, would love to have a print of this. Good luck

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