So cute

n3twork n3twork Artist from Santa Catarina, Brazil

WooooOOOoW, i win dude,
I didn’t know yet, was a surprise for me.
Thank you DBH, my shirt was beautiful, you take care with the colours, beautiful work!

aman aman Artist

This looks awesome, the colors are fantastic, it’s a sure buy!

zega zega Human

yupie, that´s must be mine

markw1 markw1 Human


CardinalGoldstein CardinalGoldstein Human from Arizona, United States

Wow, lots of interesting elements to this one. Is that girl doing the “egyptian” ?

enthos enthos Human

congrats! great print.

kooky-love kooky-love Artist from Semarang, Indonesia



MasterControl MasterControl Artist from The Grid, United States

This is awesome! Congrats!

goenz goenz Artist from Singapore

waaaw love this

fabiosimple fabiosimple Artist

congrats man

insane design

challen14 challen14 Artist


Wow, looks really good, I wouldn’t get cause I’m a guy though.

Maybe a gift.

elgoulo elgoulo Artist

i have been wondering when this would print, nice one

WarholBot WarholBot Artist

congrats looks great

theycallmeteddy theycallmeteddy Artist from Indonesia

very good

mathiole mathiole Artist from Brazil

wow wow wow

xjoshuabelangerx xjoshuabelangerx Artist from United States


Great print, awesome colors. I must have missed this one in voting

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