cyphr9 cyphr9 Human

Am I the first to disagree with Iggi? I love the rectangle frame. It gives it a bit of a victorian-y air to the piece, maybe showing some history behind the character. But that’s just me…

dudley53 dudley53 Human

It’s prety nice. Not sure who will go for it more, dudes or girls.

iggi_09 iggi_09 Human

Hi Lyra!I Like your teenage-troubled-angel character.But i think what spoils this as a t-shirt design,is the rectangle behind coz the shape itself is boring, unless you have a rectangular frame, which a t-shirt is not. Perhaps a more free-flowing pattern in the background?But that’s just me :) Nonetheless, great effort!I look forward to more of your stuff!Have fun!!

tobiasfonseca tobiasfonseca Artist from Brazil

Very cool. I like.

iggi speaks the truth

Jahlien Jahlien Human

Very nice. I’d wear it and I’m a dude. :)

I look forward to more designs (maybe that rainbow pooping unicorn) ;)

cyanide cyanide Artist

cool but you posted this on threadless recently! eek

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

i 2nd iggi.

anqqa anqqa Human

Agree with Lyra, reading carefully the T&C and seeing many others do the same (from winners to non-winners) I gather it’s totally allowed – as long as it’s not trying to win 2 sites simultaneously :)

It may even be good for the design to take part in various competitions, improving it using the feedback received from earlier try to make it better?

Lyra Lyra Artist

cyanide: i understood that the rules said that you can post here unless it’s in a voting at same time somewhere else. and im not the only one who has done this?

iggi: that’s easy to arrange ;)

nagash77 nagash77 Human

I agree with iggi. Something ephemeral / ethereal to play off the angelic character. Im a hetero guy and would wear this no questions asked. +

Oiseau Oiseau Artist


MaDVeX MaDVeX Artist from NY, United States

Nice clean Illustration. Maybe have the design use up more of the shirt, just my personal opinion…nice work! +1

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