RikkiB RikkiB Artist from Australia

Awesomes dude!!

a_mar_illo a_mar_illo Artist from Spain

nice! Good luck:)

Ameeee Ameeee Artist

Loooking goood jimmmmmmmy :)

i made vote to it.

coleblotcky coleblotcky Artist

you’re a retard silent revive. emptees isnt a design contest.

jimmyheartcore jimmyheartcore Artist from Florida, United States

I’m coming for you Finley! I’m at 10%... c’mon votes! Haha! Thank you guys for the votes/praise. silent_revive: emptees is a place to showcase design work. there are no contests, and none of the items get printed as a result of receiving “Tee of the Day” status there. It’s just a way to share your work. I love it when people don’t read through things or understand them and try and put other people into a negative light out of ignorants… ehem.

LitoQ LitoQ Artist


dudley53 dudley53 Human

Keep it civil guys. I’m sure dbh will take care of things if there is really some rule violation.
By the way, this design is so creepy that I keep going back to look at it again and again.

wes_allen wes_allen Artist

voted duder!

Setup85 Setup85 Artist from United States


Recycledwax Recycledwax Artist

nice use of ink! :)



This is amazing. I love the watercolor effects you have in your work, and the way this is put together makes it brilliant.

mediocore mediocore Human

print this, I will buy 500. That means my vote should count for 500 votes. Do you hear that DBH, tally it up.

alkaline85 alkaline85 Artist

emptees=worldwide domination

jimmyheartcore jimmyheartcore Artist from Florida, United States

Thanks guys!

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States


cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States

pretty dope!

Kazykid Kazykid Artist

haven’t i seen this one before? . . .

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