bogoio bogoio Artist

i did not get the message

galvo galvo Artist

theres a message to be gotten?

This shirt makes Chicago proud. Killer design dude!

eliohouse eliohouse Artist

fo sheezy!

tobiasfonseca tobiasfonseca Artist from Brazil


aman aman Artist

funtastic! printprint + +

kantieb0 kantieb0 Human

lets go galvo!
give em hell!

Jedidiah Jedidiah Human

All our cities should be this safe.

Looks good to me dude, I’d buy it.

DrStein DrStein Artist

great design

jimmyheartcore jimmyheartcore Artist from Florida, United States

This is super awesome.

gaunty gaunty Artist from California, United States

cool +1

uanity uanity Human

what a crap

i like the guy in the bg! +1

older older Artist

whoho..i like this…voted…

radical stuff

bogoio bogoio Artist

always galvo

kabalentot kabalentot Artist

good job man!!! love the colored details

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