ChiRo72 ChiRo72 Human

Rock On Brotherman!!! Keep spreading that love in the multitude of ways you are so abundantly gifted in :Daniel T. Albertini
Albertini Guitarworks at my s p a c e dot com/ albertiniguitarworks

Malvado Malvado Human

Yo, I love the coloring on that. Great brush feel.

Kick ass, Duderino!

michaelgarfield michaelgarfield Artist from TX, United States

I messed up the preview a little bit…the design would be printed on “harbor bleu,” not white.

awesome design good luck and power to the peaceful

ayen911 ayen911 Human

boulder sucks

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

WOW. +1

starchild starchild Human

michael you rock!!

camerrill camerrill Human

Man, you make me wish it were still the 70s.
Keep on trucking.

kayak kayak Artist

got my vote =) amazing work.

alan_maia alan_maia Artist


farquha farquha Human

this guy sucks at art….happy hardcore is where its at! just kidding…luv u michael

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