yazid_45 yazid_45 Artist

i like this one…
really cool…
could you check my “play” submisson
I hope you like it

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

love the illustration. in general i actually like the placement as it is but if you really go with a white shirt then i’d go with a larger placement that would fill more of the tee, make it messier, less organized. great design anyway +1

cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States

This is pretty cool. nice job! v+

hrdhat hrdhat Human


Keylolo83 Keylolo83 Human

I like it. It’s creative !!!!

cool design

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

oh, and i think i wouldn’t go with the ying-yang symbols. extremely overused! it’s not the 1920’s anymore when that was a brand new trend in western culture

iggi_09 iggi_09 Human

I like the design,but the placement totally cancels out the merits of the design. I feel by placing it at the side like that, some of the best bits are tucked away while the big black blob takes the front seat in stealing the attention.I would suggest leaving the ninja’s head separate from the big black area. It looks like the ninja has an oversized brain this way. I like this design and concept too much to see it go to waste.

ez-kun ez-kun Artist from Romania

yup, scrap the ying-yiang,but, the rest is superb!
vote, vote,vote..

ableslayer ableslayer Artist

Great great. I love the eyes!

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

definitely agree with the valid points already made, and beyond that I think it is awesome

i dont like ninjas …. siiiike. great stuff man. God bless.

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