kakolak kakolak Artist from France

Agree with J3Concepts

Dara Dara Artist

yeah if you used stock art, you can’t really win. it has to be 100% your art, thats what the agreement you checkmark says when you upload the submission.

b0tack b0tack Artist

this artwork its taken from the dj monkey vector resources. please delete it dbh admin. this vector resources not for commercial purpose.

LigerXX LigerXX Human


aQbar aQbar Human

that’s cool bro

gogon gogon Human

i lovely like it

goter goter Human

thnx for the comment, 642-467 I guess your right, those are my first shirts.HP0-Y31 I guess I need some more helpfull comments like yours JN0-360 and they’ll get better.

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