marc marc Human

I love the line work! is this all done in illustrator? or do you start with an ink drawing and then scan and trace in illustrator?

Ondeon Ondeon Artist

Nice design!

I’d buy this!

bubba bubba Human

Yep. Me too. Love this one.

frenchhowls frenchhowls Artist from Quebec, Canada

You really have a nice style, love the way you play with the lines

cpdesign cpdesign Artist from United States

Great style. $5 from me, oops wrong site. Print it.

RikkiB RikkiB Artist from Australia

I agree, great linework

I’d buy this shirt-nice job!!

thats sick as $*@#

monk monk Artist

great style!

anatol anatol Human

Good point!

Luke Luke Artist from United States

great illustration…

BubuSam BubuSam Artist from Malaysia

Still love this!

pantufla pantufla Artist from Santiago, Chile

amazing! like it!

scrawler scrawler Human

Nice guy :-)

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