kakolak kakolak Artist from France

Cool idea and placement. Congrtats.

herky herky Artist from United States

beautiful, great concept too.

saity saity Artist

i like that hot orange very much

blank blank Artist

coll idea, voted!

tnation tnation Human

Very cool and a wonderful idea, what is the orange on his face for?

collisiontheory collisiontheory Artist from Philippines

wow great placement and illustration!! voted!

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

love the colors! +2

spacesick spacesick Artist

omgoodness that’s crazy! yes please.


ridvan ridvan Artist

goatie :)

LoftySofty LoftySofty Artist

this is really cool

handle handle Artist

Like it a lot as well. The touch of orange is nice too. Not so much a fan of the placement. I wish it were higher up a bit. As of now it would probably look like I had a goat head on my crotch.

hehee.. yeah, that’s right handle.

Move it up a bit and I’ll love it more than I already do!

tjtrewin tjtrewin Artist


cmarts cmarts Artist from Indonesia

pretty nice. +1

enora enora Human

I love love love love this. Voted.

radiomode radiomode Artist from Antarctica


pakito pakito Artist from Switzerland

nice concept=voted

reyyy reyyy Artist


TheBosno TheBosno Human

damn I wanted this when I bought 70$ worth of stuff for free shipping but they didn’t have large…reprint maybe next time I will get it.

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