Reliique Reliique Human from Finland

I went to see size chart and it said 27inches..thats almost 70cm in length.

Length (in.) Width (in.)
Small 27 18
Medium 29 20

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

where did you find that S is so big? i’ve ordered large sized tees from this site, they were just a bit too long for my taste (194 cm, not more than 3-5 cm too large), so i’ve ordered medium now. with 183 cm medium should do you probably just fine, small should fit you very tight or something

Reliique Reliique Human from Finland

Want to buy this but : Small size is almost 70cm.. thats so long that it will cover my ass too and im 183cm..thats far from fashion fit tee :D
Can anyone clarify how long is Small for real?

oh and Great design!!

collisiontheory collisiontheory Artist from Philippines

That’s awesome! And I’m glad you guys are answering questions here now. So when do i get paid for this? haha

marc marc Human

biggest screen so far, yes – i will take a pic and post it somewhere for you guys to see the screen – very cool.

On another note, we just migrated our servers again (as of 3am last night) to a new host so the site should be working much faster now. Be sure to drop us a note if you see any weird glitches at service {at} designbyhumans {dot} com

We have received tons of great feedback from everyone on what we can do better and we are making a lot of your recommended changes (soon we promise!).

csj89 csj89 Artist from Philippines

niiice congrats!

Dara Dara Artist


hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

I wish there was the metallic part like you said. That was the reason why I said I’d buy this. Oh well. Congrats.

jimiyo jimiyo Artist from United States

Im gonna get this, and everyone will be hypnotized or either think they are being sucked into my chest. Visceral reactions like that make this shirt worthy buy.

Congrats Collision!

opifan64 opifan64 Artist from Canada

congrats! very cool design

collisiontheory collisiontheory Artist from Philippines

Hey hipauliee i know too bad. But still stoked they printed it!

Thanks jimiyo! 2 more wins and i’ll be catching up to you hehe

elgoulo elgoulo Artist

YESSSSS!!! they have finally printed something i voted for!!!! im a mad stargazer congrats!

Ahh! this is so awesome I can’t believe it!

I need to make an order soon…. problem is there are so many good shirts to choose from! But this is sweet, congrats on the win

shantyshawn shantyshawn Artist from New York, United States

Killer!! Congrats in a big, vortex kinda way!!

jsheldon jsheldon Artist from United States

awesome! congrats!

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

congrats, thats a fun shirt

ohbarrett ohbarrett Artist

congrats dude. awesome shirt.

Oiseau Oiseau Artist

yes yes yes

ben2557 ben2557 Human


marc marc Human

DBH fun fact – the screen we used to print this bad boy is 52 inches x 52 inches. Mucho Grande.

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