these people rock!!!

Wow. I want this tattooed on my body somewhere…or something…But seriously though, awesome.

rminekim rminekim Human

Hey EmbraceDesigns that is by far one of the sickest designs I have ever seen…awesome job man

one word: skill.

janab janab Human

barrett. you are unbelievable. good luck!!


Be Blessed Jon Jon

it’s amazing!

sk8crazyman sk8crazyman Artist


awesome, Jon voted!!

pmuniga pmuniga Human

everybody buy embrace designs clothing. i dont know the designer but i heard he is f$@#*% sick. haha.

mustang mustang Human

I love the detail, even though I’m of the older
generation, my kids would love the design.

Great stuff….....

mjpruitt mjpruitt Human

sick shirt bra

Nice- different and odd- I love it.


thats so $#@&*% sick man

EVERYONE! go buy this shirt here:



doutre doutre Human

people are crazy. the colors make it. i hope this wins. i want to buy the shirt.

mmcmahan mmcmahan Human

f$%@ yeah!!!

yeksuk yeksuk Human

you know what this is ok but I I can do whatever I want like you. so go to my profile and look at my url if you want to see a real piece of work

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