zwhitman zwhitman Artist

I would like the owl to be bigger, or perhaps moved to the very bottom corner of the shirt. It’s a cool design, and I think this shirt could work with an understated coolness. But I feel like the top shelf is a bit too focused for an understated idea.

just awesome

jimiyo jimiyo Artist from United States

you are certainly talented if you did that on a scratchboard.

you just need to finaggle the imagery to be fitting for shirt design me thinks.

great work though… really top notch skizall.

IanVicious IanVicious Artist

Thank you for the great comments. They mean quite a lot.

Kawara Kawara Human

Beautiful! Owls = win. I agree with the placement, perhaps lower on the shirt would work well. I think this placement is a surprise, though. I kind of like it. Voted.

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