so chic !

alvarejo alvarejo Artist

cool colors man!!!


nice, I agree with Steven

YES! Take up the whole shirt and I’ll be wearing this.

lizardboi lizardboi Artist

I like it! The whole shape could be more chaotic, not square, but lines and colors are cool for me!

Steven Steven Artist
i like it but it’s a little too square on the shirt for my taste, the gradient is cool though
3ee_03 3ee_03 Artist

dreams, perception and future. ... super psy_active stuff! me luv! :D .. ye.. make it less boxy!

madeforyou madeforyou Artist

thank you friends for the comments :)
i think the full print would be cool too..
keep the comments coming..

Tonteau Tonteau Artist

Less boxy would be lovely. Colours are great.

I do like the gradients, and I think the design concept is far out. However, I would like to see it be either less-definite of a shape (It is rather defined as a rectangle) or have it take up the whole shirt, as Blankpaper said. That’s be amazing.

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