Chinestar11 Chinestar11 Artist from Hungary

I like this one..

marina-shan marina-shan Artist

at last, she’s free to smoke..(and in France, it’s now forbidden everywhere)..free not to dress a hair, to look weird, to be the woman she wants to be:)

marina-shan marina-shan Artist

(to dress her hair, sorry)
Thanks for your comments:)

vespamike1 vespamike1 Artist

Nice artwork !

gaunty gaunty Artist from California, United States

great illustration don’t really get the idea that she is free

cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States

I love the illustration. It shows your individuality. Got my vote.

marina-shan marina-shan Artist

thanks cbass99, your comment gives me the self-confidence I sometimes miss!

TrishiaK TrishiaK Artist

I like freedom.

alexbourg alexbourg Artist

fresh ..free as smoke

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