Stevolcom Stevolcom Artist

soulution said it!

Soulution Soulution Human

i love the zepplin thing goin on

theo theo Human

I love the design on the red. The color works well. I really hope this one gets printed. Good work!

JerBear JerBear Human

I haven’t been on here in a few days, and I’m finding that about every other design I really like is yours. Just cool.

TheArtRobot TheArtRobot Artist

Yeah I’m pretty sure they are free to use, sorry I didn’t mean to be that dude who just tries to nail other people’s designs. Don’t worry about drawing them if you have the free brush. I can imagine this one being printed, great job man.

dwgagner dwgagner Artist from United States

Was unaware they were in a book, images altered from a supposedly free use adobe brush package. Will sketch them myself next time.

TheArtRobot TheArtRobot Artist

It’s a cool shirt, the drawings are from The Pepin Press Book.
There was a design on Threadless that got ripped apart for using some of these images.

Kevin Kevin Human

Thats pretty unique, I like it.

i think i NEED this shirt

tumbleweed tumbleweed Artist

i wants it real bad and stuff

reefer420 reefer420 Human

Love these kinds of designs!

Mymil Mymil Human

Oh my, I like this one SO MUCH MORE than the other version! Exchanging that one oversized bird for a bunch of gulls flying around makes everything look much more dynamic and makes the negative space more interesting. Awesome work!

larko larko Human

i must have this.

Aerovai Aerovai Human

I want this really bad. I’m a sucker for pirates.

emergency emergency Human

man, thats sucha sweet shirt, i must have it too

this is good

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