SmartArt SmartArt Human

come on guys reprint S waiting months already

Would love to buy if there was a medium!

davevak davevak Human

Please Reprint…this one’s awesome. Subtle and Awesome.

afrancl afrancl Human

This is great! Reprint please.

Got this shirt in the mail today. Happy to report it is just as nice as I was hoping. I’m not into the many crazy, color-explosion designs that I’ve seen on here, so the relative simplicity of this shirt is great. A clean image, great colors, and a nice fit. Definitely looking forward to more like this one. Thanks, jsheldon!

octap octap Human

In XL size the stamp is really small. I guess in XXL things get worse…
(I am not into big fancy stamps but there should me some-kind of scaling for bigger sizes. The actual shirt is not as it looks in the picture above)

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