pasici pasici Artist

not feeling it…

jonmkl jonmkl Artist

i think it would look sweet if the whole shirt looked like a piece of notebook paper!

allie allie Artist

see, THAT was constructive critism. thank you. i appreciate it! i like critiques, it’s the nasty “i don’t like it” comments that i don’t like.

merimeri merimeri Human

I don’t think that it works on a t-shirt, although i like the design itself. Maybe if it hadn’t the paper leaf on the back it would work better.

pasici pasici Artist

sorry that my comment didn’t have anything constructive to offer. i think it’s a good concept, just make the design work together with the shirt and you’re good. go for a full composition that’s your design along with the shirt, not just a composition on a shirt serving as a frame.

jsheldon jsheldon Artist from United States

Unfortunately the Contest Guidelines state:

“Designs should not contain the name of the band nor album name.”

Sorry to burst your bubble.

allie allie Artist

people leave the nastiest comments on this site. i’m getting sick of it.

as for the guidelines, my design doesn’t contain the phrase “invisible line”, and it happens to reference one of their songs, “invisible ink”.

seriously, everyone needs to get a life. it’s unfortunate that you spend your free time browsing this website and leaving non-constructive comments on shirts you don’t like. if you don’t like it, don’t say anything. that’s why there’s the VOTING system.

Reface Reface Artist

sorry, I don’t like it that much..

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

how did this get so many votes?

Reyburn Reyburn Artist

thought the same…

personally i might go for a different shirt color besides the dark gray, but i like that the design has something to do with the band.

i like how you dotted the i’s.

shantyshawn shantyshawn Artist from New York, United States

Think “outside the box”. It’s a cool design, but you definitely could do without the square. It gets a vote for the negative space invisible. Lord knows I love negative space!

dudley53 dudley53 Human

Once this is on a tee, the paper portion of the design will flow with the fabric of the tee. It won’t look so stiff. That could actually be a pretty good look.

twinkie twinkie Human

i agree with jonmkl sweet design though

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

the rectangle shape doesn’t work here. rip out a page from a notebook and throw it on the table. does it look like a perfect square with all sides straight and aligned so perfectly parallel to the sides of the table? i really doubt so. that’s the problem with your design. the design itself tries to accomplish a natural look but the composition of the design is extremely unnatural. both things conflict here.

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

and besides, this is not school and not your family, this is the real market. they don’t give you a head start if this is your first use of photoshop. so it’s not very adequate to bring that up.

allie allie Artist

please don’t get all self-righteous about art. i realize this is the “real market”. that would be why i entered my design. i would appreciate it if everyone could refrain from being a nasty human being.

allie allie Artist

i’m sort of sick of your comments, pistolshotxx. you don’t really have anything constructive or positive to add. i know you think you’re all high and mighty in the art world, but it gets old fast. in addition, your page says you’re only sixteen, and neither of your two designs have won yet. so be careful when doling out judgements and “warnings”. and perhaps wait until you’re out of highschool.

allie allie Artist

my dad is an artist. i know what the “real market” is like.

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