Raid71 Raid71 Artist

fun design

Steven Steven Artist

i love the style of this

suceda suceda Artist

nice, hand lettering looks awesome

dpgu800 dpgu800 Human

like the pattern

willypiva willypiva Artist

Awesome maki!

mj00 mj00 Artist from United States

Awesome, I like it best on the brown. What shirt placement are you thinking of? How large?

Moss Moss Artist

Great stuff!

dalsobrooks dalsobrooks Artist

Still love the chocolate and robin’s egg. And attention to detail with the rings. I’m happily a little meaner now.

screamqueen screamqueen Artist

I really love this one!

lomster lomster Artist

haha! i love stuff like this! awesome work!

hey! check out my latest submission “Blooming Imagination” please and vote if you like. I love your shirt! Would like to get it!

I LOVE it !

Great Design, awesome color scheme.

Facer Facer Artist

check out my kol design

Why would anyone over age 19 buy this?

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