Steven Steven Artist


mj00 mj00 Artist from United States

I’m torn in that I love this, but I also think that the ultimate t-shirt would be on a different color. To me, plain white would be thematically preferable (not that this affected the score I gave, because it didn’t).

3ee_03 3ee_03 Artist

wow! :| someone else would say: this iz so stupid…. I … simply… LOVE IT! Gr8 job dude!... No really…. GREAT JOB! .. Jesus with I love NY.. “robots have feelings ya know” .. flaming skull listening music? .. and.. GUE with political propaganda… OMG dude.. thiz shirt iz SOOOO happenin’!!!

Stinger Stinger Artist from Netherlands

well said

whats with the “Ultimate T-shirt”

Mymil Mymil Human

Ha ha… that’s pretty awesome. I think it might have everything except a bird.

LigerXX LigerXX Human

I hope that prints reallllly badly!!!

willypiva willypiva Artist



Nice, would love it on white

I would buy a shirt with this on it.

Bramish Bramish Artist from Austria

Definitely printable.

MrRocks MrRocks Artist from New South Wales, Australia
Great work man!

waaahhh .. ♥

nakata nakata Human

I bought your shirt a few months ago and inmediatly becames one of my favourite shirts.

Great and fresh design, even once a girl from a magazine asked me to take a picture of the shirt in a concert!

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