Beedham Beedham Artist from United Kingdom

@nonbeliver Sorry bud but i know how to advertise my art, I do have friends & family that support this work as well as a large fanbase on a multiple of networking sites. but i have had a Huge contribution from a lot of randomers on the net too!
If you don’t like my design that’s okay, but there is no need to complain on my submission about how many i have received. Thank you for the vote anyway :)

DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

...and i thought my jokes were bad.

JIzaguirre JIzaguirre Artist from United States

Such a great Design !

Beedham Beedham Artist from United Kingdom

@DYOKER ikr, haha
@JIzaguirre Thank you ^^

sesnyder sesnyder Artist from Minnesota, United States

Nice work!

Beedham Beedham Artist from United Kingdom

@sesnyder Thanks :)

elainerichardson elainerichardson Human from United Kingdom

awesome!!!!! more you look the more you see great concept

paco16 paco16 Artist from United Kingdom

Looks great!

adamparkinson92 adamparkinson92 Human from United Kingdom

You owe me a pint!

Anti-hu Anti-hu Artist from United States

Id like it better without the “rise”

Beedham Beedham Artist from United Kingdom

@Anti-hu ya i have been experimenting with different variations. its a shame I cant update or alter the image :P

PatM23 PatM23 Artist from NY, United States

Cool cool textures and colors. Nicely done dude +1 from me

OPTIKblok OPTIKblok Artist from London, United Kingdom

I like the grittiness of the red which resembles coagulated blood and the vacant expression upon the red skull of Bane staring out. Batman here reminds me of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight with the sharp whites of his eyes and the overall composition is reminiscent of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (which is a great animated feature film)! Cool!!

Beedham Beedham Artist from United Kingdom

please guys stop spamming my comment box please

Beedham Beedham Artist from United Kingdom

Thank you glad you like the design ^^

mikeguevy mikeguevy Artist from State of Grace, Philippines

totally deserves to be printed!

Beedham Beedham Artist from United Kingdom

@mikeguevy ^^ Thank you

James222 James222 Human from United States

gooood work

Monica1111 Monica1111 Human from United States

nice concept

sithsoccer sithsoccer Artist from MO, United States

I like this. I’m a huge fan of the Batman’s white eyes. The use of res is very effective. +1 from me.
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