Azriel Azriel Artist from Malta

When can we meet to get marketing lessons.?.. man you and the guy next to you zoom at a rate of 10 -15votes per minute it seems when you are online

Aibarra Aibarra Artist from CA, United States

honestly….i just went old school n sent an email to literally everyone i know. not just friends n family, but classmates teachers co workers. n the ones that really support you will spread the word. n it just snowballed. i only really check the numbers when i get a comment.

kittyziggy kittyziggy Human from United States

look hot

kostia1 kostia1 Human from United States


humanity1 humanity1 Human from United States

People have no taste.

Brucebanner Brucebanner Human from United States

@humanity1 couldn’t agree more

cyberG cyberG Artist from ---, United Kingdom

i know what you guys mean, it looks like the top 10 most voted submissions really dont deserve to be here

Hugo4TDKR Hugo4TDKR Artist from France

I’m glad this shirt design is number one for now :)

artist4 artist4 Artist from mahrashtra, India

Beautiful design!+1, what you think about – http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/205157

jpdstudios jpdstudios Human from Fayetteville, United States

Very Southparkish, I wonder what Trey Parker and Matt Stone think of this design.

AaronCorbin AaronCorbin Artist from California, United States

Geez, your a promoting fiend! Awesome shirt chief.

Sorool Sorool Artist from United States

This contest is no longer about preference. This voting process is flawed.

CoralJones80 CoralJones80 Human from United States

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