LilMissMaggie LilMissMaggie Artist from United States


roncabardz roncabardz Artist from Philippines


AgostoFilipino AgostoFilipino Artist from Manila, Philippines

nice coloring!


seslak seslak Artist from Serbia

this is sick and original on so many levels! you should’ve incorporated more effects to gain votes, looks like everyone digs splashes these days… :D

zsyd zsyd Artist from Cebu, Philippines

great idea PLUS 1 sir :D

pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines


Cral Cral Artist from Ohio, United States

Beautiful illustration, great color contrast. Good job.

ccink ccink Artist from United States

Thanks again everyone, very flattered by your kind words.

garjzla garjzla Artist from Indonesia

really cool!!

OfficeInk OfficeInk Artist from AR, United States

Nice concept and your color scheme works well together,nice detailing. Very cool tee over all!

Siege Siege Artist

damn good! 1+

gonzojara gonzojara Human from Chile

beautiful, fucken awesome

Combustiblee Combustiblee Artist from Chihuahua, Mexico

So professional! great

pizzaslut pizzaslut Human from United States


ccink ccink Artist from United States

Yet again, thanks to everyone who has voted, tell your friends, spread the word!!

AJR1984 AJR1984 Human from United States

This is a success. Looks amazing. Makes me more excited for the movie!

KRCompanion KRCompanion Artist from CA, United States

Very nice, has a real Drew Struzan/Anakin Skywalker quality and it’s refreshing to see a non-stock photo of Bane that actually looks good.

its quite beautiful to see an original work of art from the Batman franchise rather than so many coping and photo shopping images found online and doing half and half images of Batman and Bane. Get with it DBH community and vote for this quality piece. Its a rare event when I actually make a comment or post on someones art on here but this garners attention

KRCompanion KRCompanion Artist from CA, United States

Couldn’t have said it better myself rayhansjdotcom. I hope this places, it deserves it.

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