padesign padesign Human from Victoria, Australia


Gah – I waited too long and now there are no more mediums!

Absolutely love it! ive just ordered the medium. tis my first purchase from DBH (cant belive i only foudn the site last week)
I hope the size is right coz i wanna put it strait on.

I hope it gets its way to sydney pretty quickly too!!

tya_tya tya_tya Human

love this one!

erueru erueru Human

I love this shirt, I hope it’s be reprint in girls sizes

great shirt. I saw this one and two other ones being sold at nordstrom. i didn’t know dbh sold their stuff to stores also.

Evon Evon Human

Reprint, please!

darthchi darthchi Human


stonepaw stonepaw Artist

Id love this in medium

bidonkid bidonkid Artist


Nana23 Nana23 Artist

love how you use colors. You’re a PRO

Hanhny Hanhny Artist from United States

so u did this! love it!

Thanks to the reprint, bought one right away!

i wanna buy it cant figure out how! duh! help!

let1gre let1gre Artist

Just got this in the mail. Looks great!

mjbriner mjbriner Artist

this rules super hard.

Jazspace Jazspace Human

this looks amazing, i would love one, please reprint more smalls and mediums

ImTooLegendary ImTooLegendary Human from United States

For the love of god, please re-print! :)

Xaphniel Xaphniel Human

Yeah, reprint!


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