mogwai786 mogwai786 Human from United Kingdom

A really lovely piece of work, and crucially, it does something in which a lot of the t-shirts on offer fail to do – follow the conditions of the competition.

It’s simplicity is matched by it’s symbolism, and both of these are sublime given that so many out there tend to think that designing a t-shirt is an awful lot like designing a graphic novel artwork.

In this case, less is more. Goodluck.

bmaverick75 bmaverick75 Artist from Illinois, United States

Thank you very much. I agree with you that less is more. Unfortunately, graphic novel artwork seems to be getting all the votes. :(

mogwai786 mogwai786 Human from United Kingdom

Yes, I’ve seen that. I wouldn’t worry though.

1) You followed the competition rules; that is, you ran with the Bat symbol, and/or did not use anything outside of the Nolan movies (for example, using a different Batman design).

2) You treated it in the way a t-shirt design ought to be treated, and that is by not drawing a graphic novel cover (the vast majority seem to have forgotten this when designing, and indeed when voting).

3) It is one of the very few that, not only makes a point about the symbolic relationship with Batman and decaying Gotham, but in doing so accentuates what seems to be a theme of the movie – that only Batman can save the city.

Woe betide us if Warner Bros. and Nolan et al have to pick by virtue of the most popular, thankfully that isn’t the case, so don’t worry about the voting scandal that seems to have taken place of late – the “I’ll vote for you if you vote for me”.

At the end of the day (and you can see this with the most popular Begins and TDK t-shirts), you don’t want people to walk down the street, see a t-shirt, and then promptly have an epileptic fit.

You want something elemental, visually stunning, instantly recognisable as part of the franchise, and yet showing through imagery alone the major theme of the movie. This is it.

Well done, give yourself a pat on the back, and good luck.

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