marfor marfor Human from Malta

Proset …

flaxitophia flaxitophia Artist from Philippines, Philippines

Much appreciated if yo fit it in the tee!! anyway you got my vote really nice!!

Azriel Azriel Artist from Malta

@flaxitophia Would this do :) the quality is there that it can be increased in size :)

cita cita Human from Malta

proset :)

seslak seslak Artist from Serbia


triagus triagus Artist from Blora, Indonesia


gerry gerry Human from Ireland

@zsyd Great art work has to be a winner,cant wait till it goes to print

elsax91 elsax91 Human from Malta

so cool!!

Emmaaa Emmaaa Human from Malta

voted! :) prosit

lolaspi28 lolaspi28 Human from Malta

Prosit michael very expressive :)

Azriel Azriel Artist from Malta

@sneakypete Thanks for the critiscm , but i’m sorry to dissappiont you … first time i’m seeing this poster :) cheers

Pyrotechnician Pyrotechnician Human from United States

Plagiurism is illegal, and that does look exactly like that poster.

Azriel Azriel Artist from Malta

Sorry to dissappiont you as well , but its not …look at my image and i can easily spot out at least two -three differences
1. bane and batman are at a different angel
2. bane has a left shoulder whilst in this pic he doesnt
3. batman is talking to bane, mine is with his mouth closed

still appreciate your criticism , and thanks for whoever found this pic bcoz although it looks similar. My artwork is surely not baed on it.

Pyrotechnician Pyrotechnician Human from United States

Its the exact same concept as the poster.

Azriel Azriel Artist from Malta

That doesn’t mean i copied from the poster, so plagiarsim doesn’t even come into the picture. I haven’;t ever seen that poster till i saw it posted here 2hours ago. Does that make my artwork a fraud because some poster which i didn’t even know existed has the same composition?

sesnyder sesnyder Artist from Minnesota, United States

Most people on here don’t seem to understand plagiarism. Anyways, I think it’s great. Nice job!

D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

It would be nice to see a detail view of your design. Right now it looks pretty much like you slapped the design on the template and that’s it.
Yes it does look like the poster but it has its differences, like you kindly pointed out. I would’ve liked to see something with the placement, like bigger and maybe lower, not sure…
And, 397 votes??? props to you on the promotion bit. Cheers!

Azriel Azriel Artist from Malta

@D4N13L , further up in this comment list there is a larger version placed on the tshirt, but if you want i will post some details later today . hehe have been pushing all my friends, family colleagues and there friends to help me out :) thanks for your comment

worthy316 worthy316 Human from Merseyside, United Kingdom

the simple, done well. Very good. Forget about the poster, even if you did reference it, you’ve stole like a true artist. You saw something and made it better. But you never, and if you did, then its still all hoopla… I’ve only been a member of this thing for less than an hour and all i see is people trying to make a mockery of other peoples work. They are just t-shirts. And I will buy this t-shirt when its printed. well done.

Azriel Azriel Artist from Malta

thanks a lot for your comment and post :)

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