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voted, this is awesome!

well done!!

totally deserves to be printed on DBH shirt. I AM VOTING FOR YOU!

check me out and VOTE IF YOU LIKE MINE TOO.


Nice painted rendering of Bane staring down Batman! My only criticism is that Batman looks quite flat and not quite there where as Bane looks more so. Nice work!!
You can check out my entry over here

@OPTIKblok thanks for your comment . with batman it was not that easy as its practically black on black and so at the same time i tried to highlight mainly the dark knight , that although bane is is there staring him down, the dark knight …even though rejected by society still stands in front him :)

@mikeguevy Really appreciate your comment, :) thanks very much

Nice original illustration! Love the highlights on Batman. It’s hard to bring a character in all black out against a black background so kudos for that!

Check out mine here and here and throw them a vote or comment if you like it!

Gr8 indeed :)

LOL @rmarvinedesign, Original? look through the old comments someone found a poster that may as well been copy and pasted then thrown a filter onto

@badassbob r u serious? so you consider 14hours of hard work to draw as fast as possible and approval by DBH and warner brothers to be considered as a filter? sorry might as well say i copied from a wrestling poster because they have the same concept.. I repeat what i have already stated i have never seen that poster till that guy posted it over there. I’m sure that poster is not ale to have a fully 30” dimensional quality for 1

Great work,great design!! Deserves to Win!

Epic design! Well done! – SD

Wow! Amazing amount of votes from Malta! With totally legitimate names too! Not fake at all!

@FuzzyLogic thanks :) I have to say I’m amazed as well as I pitched it as the only Maltese in a big competition and through a local radio, a local celeb and some awesome friends who made the competition their own I somehowe got to 10th place…even though i felt sorry for the guy in 12th as he surely deserved to win, at least in my opinion.

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