DBH Music Series Presents Kings of Leon

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Kings of Leon is an American rock band made up of three brothers Caleb Followill, Nathan Followill, Jared Followill, and their cousin Matthew Followill. The band's sound derives from southern rock, hard rock and alternative. The group's name is derived from Nathan, Caleb and Jared's father and grandfather, both named Leon. They have released four full-length albums. They have won 2 Brit Awards and a Grammy Award in 2009.


  • 1st Place
    $1,500 cash
    2 Autographed Lithographs
    2 KOL Concert Tickets
  • 2nd Place
    $750 cash and $250 DBH Store Credit
  • 3rd Place
    $500 cash and $150 DBH Store Credit

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zerobriant zerobriant Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

Forgive me if i have created a lion as a design, i just think it would look cool for a rock band shirt that has a leon on its name..:) it the king of the beast!

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

I would really like to join in for this one but not sure I will be able to. I suppose it’s better to make sure I have the time and money to be able to spend quality time on it instead of a rush job..


the guy on the left lucks like a very ugly women

MaryPool MaryPool Artist

AccuratePassion, Yeah…thats what I’m saying…I was just looking at that thinking it was a bit curious :P I feel there needs to be an investigation as well.

I would like everyone to take note of Ndesign ‘s entry. Which seemingly jumped from 65 votes last night to 211 this afternoon. I would appreciate an investigation into this for possible vote fraud.

everyday09 everyday09 Artist

so excited about this contest.

will ALL designs be then available to purchase from the site?

TDHarding TDHarding Artist from United Kingdom

I was wonderin’... If the band chooses the winner like it says they do at the top of this page then what effect does voting have? Or are you going to show the top 5 voted designs and let the band decide the winner from them…?

I am so excited for this contest. Huge Kings fan who had no idea about this site until now. Great collaboration. Good luck to the other contestants!

I’m very curious about this band. I like the experimental side of their music. I don’t mind if they become commercial as long as they keep doing poetry like Kings Of The Rodeo or minimal songs like Charmer. This is my contribution to there performance at the Brits 2009, which gave me a lot of pleasure. Thanks guys!

Design work to be excited about, wahoo!

CheckRock CheckRock Human

all countries welcome

INkspill INkspill Artist

Should be a killer competition, need to get something started, not long till the submission!

kol247 kol247 Human

coz i am from the UK so i hope it is fineee,, i really want to enter soo ????

kol247 kol247 Human

can i just ask,, do you have to be from the United States to enter the contest??

TDHarding TDHarding Artist from United Kingdom

I’m from the UK and I’ve posted a design, so I assume it’s ok.

Great contest btw; KoL have to be one of my favourite bands. Good luck to everyone submitting a design.

jOsE_22 jOsE_22 Artist

So do you have to be from the US to post a design or can you be from the UK, help?

you all are lucky because i live in small country lithuania and i never get a chance to see Kings of Leon in concert. ;(

pinoyskie pinoyskie Artist

it’s my first dbh special contest entry here….i enjoyed it very much

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