DBH Music Series Presents Kings of Leon

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Kings of Leon is an American rock band made up of three brothers Caleb Followill, Nathan Followill, Jared Followill, and their cousin Matthew Followill. The band's sound derives from southern rock, hard rock and alternative. The group's name is derived from Nathan, Caleb and Jared's father and grandfather, both named Leon. They have released four full-length albums. They have won 2 Brit Awards and a Grammy Award in 2009.


  • 1st Place
    $1,500 cash
    2 Autographed Lithographs
    2 KOL Concert Tickets
  • 2nd Place
    $750 cash and $250 DBH Store Credit
  • 3rd Place
    $500 cash and $150 DBH Store Credit

Submission Deadline

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Theres so much on this site my computer keeps crashing, worried i might do it some permanant damage. Also my friends who are trying to vote are finding the voting system confusing. Link Text

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Patrycja Patrycja Artist

Dr_Ernst: “where do u see da winner?”

Look at the top of this site ^^ Winners will be announced on April 12, 2009

Dr_Ernst Dr_Ernst Artist

where do u see da winner?

ezekkk ezekkk Artist

How come the upload system wouldn’t work? I tried to get my design in by the 22nd but it kept giving me an error. Tried to submit it yesterday and it was rejected. Anyway I could get my design into the running? Thanks.

A little bit confused,...when does the voting end? Is it April 12th. Theres so much on this site my computer keeps crashing, worried i might do it some permanant damage. Also my friends who are trying to vote are finding the voting system confusing.

dbloc dbloc Artist

A Big Good Luck to All as Well….....

dbloc dbloc Artist

@ DeanWalton: You can’t select Kings of Leon on the Submit Page Anymore.

DeanWalton DeanWalton Artist

Has the contest stopped taking entries now? How come there isn’t a notice at the top of this page saying so?



kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist

Goood luck everyone!

Oldscll54 Oldscll54 Human

I was totaly bummed out because my son and I tired and tried to upload our designs for the T-Shirt contest but the upload didin’t work for some reason. Even after trying it on our computer, we went to Fedex-Kinkos to use their computers incase there was something wrong with ours. It didn’t take for some unknown reason but then my son put it all in perspective by reminding me that we had the good fortune of meeting Nathan and Caleb at a bar next to the concert where they were playing in Minneapolis Minnesota on November 1st of last year. Even posted the pictures they took with us. Nathan was so cool because he gave us free tickets due to the show was all sold out. If you go to bossyboo29 on YouTube, you’ll see me talking all about it with the pictures of me and my son with Caleb and Nathan. Two of the nicest guys you ever could meet…

Patrycja Patrycja Artist

Sorry maybe it is a stupid question, but I want to be 100% sure :)
and I’m not ready yet with me new designs O_o

Patrycja Patrycja Artist

Dear experienced users of DBH :) Can You tell me please, haw many hours left till the end of submitions for KOL contest. I’m little confused by this midnight thing O_o
Is it ok to submit – let’s say sunday (22.03) at 11 pm?
It would be a big help if You give me info how many hours left (I’ll look at time when You post a comment). Thank You very much in advance! :)

Fumanchuh Fumanchuh Human

Damd there is some really great one’s good luck everyone-KOL-Kicks ass!

grafismo grafismo Artist

great contest!

Patrycja Patrycja Artist

Oh! I want those autographed lithographs so bad! I’ve been travelling the world to see this amazing band live! Thank You for incredible feelings You gave me KOL!!!

I’ve made 3 designs for the band. Hope the fans and lads will like it :) Please check them out ^^

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