Quiksilver “Design a Difference” Tee contest

Hello Humans, Quiksilver is stoked to team up with DesignByHumans to present the Design a Difference Tee Contest. Quiksilver has a deep artistic heritage in board sport culture. Each season, Quiksilver partners with an aesthetic visionary in the creation of our Foundation Tee Shirt Collection benefiting a range of social, economic and environmental causes. For Fall 2009, the charity is the Tony Hawk Foundation and the artist is you! DesignByHumans and Quiksilver will donate 6% of proceeds from the sale of each t-shirt to the Tony Hawk Foundation which helps fund recreational programs and the creation of public skateboard parks in low-income communities.

Check out our board sport inspired collections at Quiksilver.com for some creative direction. Your submissions can be logo or art driven, that is up to you, but all submissions should utilize the Quiksilver name or logo in some fashion.

Submissions are due by March 15th at Midnight. Winning designs will be announced beginning April 5th. Good luck!


1st Place

Finger Food by mathiasrapp

2nd Place

Mountain Attack by SteveOramA

3rd Place

Carl and the Lizard by csj89

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ultima-xxx ultima-xxx Artist

Lovely contest, some confusing post soo far :D

camsaprana25 camsaprana25 Artist from FL, United States

Quiksilver! – what an inspiring project :) -kara campbell

saargil saargil Artist

It’s on!

xylentphree xylentphree Artist from Philippines

This is great!

MoMaKoN MoMaKoN Artist

Thank you all for your vote:)

ronmonahan ronmonahan Artist

Quiksilver rocks!!!!

ronmonahan ronmonahan Artist

Quiksilver rocks!!!!

ronmonahan ronmonahan Artist

Quiksilver rocks!!!!

WinterArtwork WinterArtwork Artist from Barbados

just got mine in yesterday…thank you soo much for all the support so far

renx renx Artist

Great contest!!!! love Quiksilver!!!!

graphex graphex Artist

Submited entry about 10 hours ago and yet to show up here…can someone check this please. Thanks.

lama08 lama08 Human

hey, when i try to upload my submission it doesnt work, i have the pixels all right, i dont know what’s wrong, can anyone help? thanks much

Inumocca Inumocca Artist from Indonesia

very nice contest

foxrules foxrules Human

How do you design a t-shirt

mantsa mantsa Artist

i hope you can print all the designs DBH.... or choose more than three design…. hehehe! it will be a pleasure to make designs for quiksilver….. good luck to all….. and to all NOYPI!

elvinjohn18 elvinjohn18 Artist

guys i hope you can vote for my design – Skate Hawk! its Quiksilver like you’ve never seen before! hope you like it! peace!

looking for inspiration mode *ON

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

Thanks Quicksilver and DBH, what a great idea and a great paring of companies

aeoshy aeoshy Artist

vote for my design! ;)

yeah….waitin’ mine!!

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