VonZipper / DBH
“Let’s Get Weird” Tee contest

Brush off your creative genius and cast away your artistic inhibitions and submit your design for the next VonZipper tees. VonZipper is looking to supplement the Spring 2009 tee collection with a collaboration with Design By Humans. Our mission is simple: VonZipper is in the business of promoting lifestyle and personality in the form of Sunglasses, Goggles, Soft Goods and Accessories. Our message is a positive manifesto to the alternative mindset, where it is your god given right to scream your individuality at the top of your lungs. With our unique mix of products, advertising, personalities and relationships, we are here to spread the gospel of the good life.

Feel free to browse our current offering of awesome products at vonzipper.com for some creative direction. The submissions can be logo or art driven, that is up to you, but all submissions should incorporate the VonZipper name or logo.

Submissions due by Nov. 23rd at Midnight! Winners will be announced on Dec. 8th. Good Luck!

First Prize

$1,000 Cash, $250 DBH Credit, and a VZ Prize Pack valued at $250

Second Prize

$800 Cash, $250 DBH Credit, and a VZ Prize Pack valued at $150

Third Prize

$700 Cash, $250 DBH Credit, and a VZ Prize Pack valued at $100

Fourth Prize

$700 Cash, $250 DBH Credit, and a VZ Prize Pack valued at $100

Hey VZ loves the ladies too. We are also offering a separate First Place Prize for the best Girls T-shirt design too!!!

First Prize

$1000 Cash, $250 DBH Credit, and a VZ Prize Pack valued at $250

We have provided a logo sheet for you to use. (download here)

Submit Design


MadMonkeyStudio MadMonkeyStudio Human from Vic, Australia

Can you still get the Winning T-Shirt designs?

Dr_Ernst Dr_Ernst Artist

Where can you see the winnign T-shirt design?

del_core del_core Artist

thanks every one who has voted and commented to my art work “VZ Anti Toxic” until the last day of struggle.i really appreciated

DomL12 DomL12 Artist

Seriously, I thought the winners were going to be “announced Dec. 8”....that would be today according to my calendar.

dobrian4ik dobrian4ik Artist

who won?

kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist

Yes.. Congrats!

wht the next contest? i always missed

Somni Somni Artist from United States

Since its Nov 25 and voting ended why can people still vote the VZ submissions? They clutter the voting page :/

kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist

winner anounced on Dec. 8th… i says it at the top yonder thers…
Good luck yous guys!

DesignByRyan DesignByRyan Artist from United States

When does VOTING end?

kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist

They are due sunday night right? .. so 23rd Night? thats what i think it says…

..Hey Midimoik… yea. it is hard to get your design attention without a forum… i know whatcha mean!
It can just get annoying right?... Its no biggie..Midimoik, you can advertise on my design all you want…
I just have a feeling a lot of people here would not want a million of these comments on their design.. but hey
..Its the Internets!!! do whatcha want mo fO’s! and yes THANKS DBH! Whoomp Der it is… shakalaka

malicho malicho Artist from United States

why are submissions due at midnight on the 23rd rather than 24th? wouldnt it make more sense for them to be do sunday night?

dobrian4ik dobrian4ik Artist

When I left a positive comment I also voted.There are lots of amazing designs. Let the best win :)

xylentphree xylentphree Artist from Philippines

all the designs are great!! yey!!

kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist


I’ve noticed some of you just leaving a lame comment and saying “Hey Check mine out!...vote mine please. +1” and then not even giving the design/Designer a vote!!!!
Thats some Dishonest shite!
and then
Theres a contingent of you saying really nice things… hopefully truthful and sincere…
and then asking for votes…
are these actions related to lets admit pretty bad designs getting tons of votes!? Making the voting system flawed and invalid?... I don’t think its the system… as with most things …Its the individuals making up the system.

Maybe you have a ton of friends that you email when you put up a design…though and thats great!

and.. I’m probably just jealous… :P .. rant done… FOR NOW!!!

Shralp Shralp Artist

Ditto to that!

kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist


and please stop asking me to check yours out!!!

Shah Shah Artist

like it

del_core del_core Artist

so the winner will choose by von zipper?

oursickstory oursickstory Artist from United States

quick question, im sorta new to this..is it a good idea to draw this on photoshop ?

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