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DBH Unity Through Art Contest

Unity Through Art - Theme Overview:
Create an original design to convey the concept of Unity Through Art to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Design By Humans. Art is the lifeblood of society and transcends cultural and language barriers, evoking universal emotions without the aid of translation or diplomats.

  1. You can (but don't have to) use the DBH logo and/or name (download in .eps format).
  2. Any and all designs and printing techniques are allowed.
  3. Submissions accepted July 15 - July 31 (You get only TWO WEEKS! So Get busy!). Winners announced the following week.
  4. Winners chosen by Jason and Matt Gutierrez (founders of DBH).
  5. Winners will be printed and made available in the DBH shop.

    1. Submit Design

1st Place - $1,500 Cash

2nd Place - $1,000 Cash

3rd Place - $500 Cash

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Happy 1st Year DBH!

congrats DBH!

Jesus Tom, way to bring the birthday party down! :)

Happy birthday, you guys are doing a great job.

the download eps link is broken

happy birthday dbh. cool competition :)

“Joyeux anniversaire” from Montréal!!! :)

wow!!! this is great!!! happy anniversary DBH!!!!!

happy anniversary DBH! yyeeaaahhhhss!

CONGRATS! keep up the good work and making it all possible for the sickest tees on the web!

hmm, till the 31st. I hope to get in on this one! Happy Birthday DBH!

happy anniversary guys! Im definitely getting down on this one

I’m game whyball…

DBH how can we give back to you?

ChrisOmlor ; very good idea! we could give DBH a gift .I think that the best thing, will be to do a big PSD file,and every one from us who want, should do something small on it,something representative for him.
So if someone from DBH stuff read this post and think that is a good idea ,and can support us with a server for upload/download the file..should let us know!

DBH Rocks,...congrats. I love all the artist who contributes here. You’re all roks tooooooo XD

congrats guys! you have an awesome thing going here!

This shall be inspiring.
Good luck to all.


Yeah, congrats :D keep rockin’ !!!

sweet. Congrats, its been a big year for you all! I’m all about some unity!

AWESOME! congrats on the one year!

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