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DBH Unity Through Art Contest

Unity Through Art - Theme Overview:
Create an original design to convey the concept of Unity Through Art to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Design By Humans. Art is the lifeblood of society and transcends cultural and language barriers, evoking universal emotions without the aid of translation or diplomats.

  1. You can (but don't have to) use the DBH logo and/or name (download in .eps format).
  2. Any and all designs and printing techniques are allowed.
  3. Submissions accepted July 15 - July 31 (You get only TWO WEEKS! So Get busy!). Winners announced the following week.
  4. Winners chosen by Jason and Matt Gutierrez (founders of DBH).
  5. Winners will be printed and made available in the DBH shop.

    1. Submit Design

1st Place - $1,500 Cash

2nd Place - $1,000 Cash

3rd Place - $500 Cash

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It’s really outstanding

nice stuff

great dbh i really follow this site.


Wow. it’s really very great contest and thanks for sharing useful information.

it’s very good article.

Happy birthday to you… and many more!


congrats DBH
one year of huge tee!

congrats for all you managed to accomplish in only one year, you gave great opportunity to express ourself with no boundaries of any kind. Is the only place where great concepts materialize and all because of you Thank you :]

Hahah My design just hit, check it out everybody

i hav also submitted my design through the site.. i was told ill recieve a confirmation email…. but i dint get any such thing…..... wat shud i do next?? try uploading my design again?

Well, I’ll have to put my idea in now, what a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday

nice competition design by humans. happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

sweet! happy birthday dbh!

what can we say, it’s a great site, and we are all happy you guys are here

congrats…DBH still rockin!!

Happy birthday many more year we hope too

Fantastic work, lads and lasses. Come all ye cats and kittens.

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