Vintage t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, phone cases and art prints are the classic styles that become legendary.

Vinage Graphic t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, phone cases and art prints Make Old School New Again

Vintage graphic t-shirts are those that look old school. The pure classic styles that made it through time to still have a success story. The slightly worn look is an industry style from back in time. Vintage is the style that was good in the past and is age to perfection in the present. That classic guitar, the tarnished banners, those old labels are all vintage classics.

_The antique style is a composition of classical design with new age look. There are modern characteristics applied to old school designs. The throwback style, normally takes on a worn look with older objects. For example, you can turn back time to the cassette, go cruising in an ole' Camaro, or watch a drive-in movie. It could be the music, the movie, the car, the design, its all old school with vintage t-shirts. There are old space suits, skulls and classical style designs. So cruising with the Apollo missions to the moon or riding the cruiser downtown, it's a little bit indie, and little bit antique. The textures and the line quality make for muted tones and designs. These vintage shirts are the most recognizable designs on the market.

Best Vintage Shirts


The dictionary has many definitions for the term vintage. One of it's meanings is used to refer to a certain period something began or flourished. We like to think we've really captured a traditional icon with the LUCKY 13. This bold red tee flaunts the ever-popular sugar skull, blessing the dead and the living. Originally derived from the native Mexican tradition of Dia De Los Muertos, this classic sugar skull image with a modern twist brings good luck and good fortune your way.

In addition the word vintage can be used to refer to something as \the best"", the top dog if you will. The best vintage shirts at Design By Humans are still printed on new shirts; however the design remarks a classic worn feel.

The term vintage can also mean a classic that is recognized for the high quality and lasting appeal. Yeah, that's right. Classic baby. Doesn't that just make sense? Every vintage tee we create is made to be an instant classic here at Design By Humans.

So, now that we've had our first grammar lesson together, we now have a better idea on why we allow anyone to rock a new vintage tee. Know that your style is timeless with one of our vintage t-shirts. Never worry about going out of style since our old school looks are trends forever.

Take a look at some of our favorite takes on the classic vintage tee. Step into the world of sound when you put The Soundwave on. This intriguing vintage graphic tee bodes a pair of classic headphones with an equalizer texture. It is obvious these are the same headphones your parents rocked out on, listening to records and causing mischief. Catch the wave in between the phones and explore all the possibilities of sound.

We can all breath deep and have faith that the vintage tee designs we offer are not only the best in the creative department, but also of made high quality materials. You're paying for some mind-blowing art on quality clothing. This sort of thing seems to keep the hippest customers around,and we like that. Mix in the blend of vintage style with new designs throughout Design By Humans.

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