The Great Conflict

The Great Conflict T-Shirt
The Great Conflict T-Shirt
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Oct 23 2013
The Great Conflict T-Shirt
The Great Conflict T-Shirt


Printed in the USA

Our t-shirts are made from a 100% combed ringspun cotton and garment-dyed for premium softness and minimal shrinkage.

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Color Black

Arrives before Christmas.

The Great Conflict is Gloopz's masterpiece with Tyrael ready to fight against the demon forces in the pit of a raging inferno. A dramatic renaissance painterly style shows amazing use of halftones and detailing. This 3rd place winner is an amazing painted piece that is appealing and exclusive. Grab one!

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gloopz Artist Interview


I am always looking for inspiration and constantly challenging myself.

Q: Gloopz is a name we are very familiar with at Design By Humans, but for those that don’t know you please tell us a little bit about yourself. A: I'm Originally from London, UK and about 14 years ago I transplanted to NYC where I now live with my wife in Brooklyn and freelance as a commercial Illustrator. My Journey as an artist started when I was about 5 years old. A couple of key things that helped me develop my skills were my Bachelor of arts training in fine art painting at Central St Martins, London and The experience gathered from working As a freelance illustrator in various industries with some great creative teams. They really helped me understand and visualize what the client expects from the final artwork, what the end product should look like and I think this has helped me understand how to design a T-shirt people would want to wear.

Q: What drew you to the Diablo contest and the character you selected to visualize? A: I love video games and when I saw the Diablo 3 contest page with all the available characters to choose from I was inspired because they offer so much to the imagination. I really like the hooded faceless features and mysterious nature of the arc-angels. It's not obvious they are the good guys and I like that kind of vague contradiction in a hero! That's why I chose Tyrael for my entry.

Q: What was the process when you created this design, how did you end up with such a unique approach? A: I had a scene and a composition in my mind. I then rendered a rough sketch to see if it would work on a torso mock up. Once I decided it would work I built the illustration from a roughly inked drawing by adding tone and then a color glaze. Although I stayed true to my original concept/composition, my design changed quite a bit from the original sketch. This happens a lot in my work process.

Q: Your design uses some amazing halftone effects, was that a look you thought best represented the character you selected? A: Thanks! Not just the character but the entire scene. This illustration was made for a black or dark colored t-shirt so I wanted to create a lot of depth and rich gradation/half tones.

Q: Where you inspired by the visuals of the game and the amazing art that is associated with Blizzard? A: I sure was! When I did my image research I browsed through a lot of fantastic artwork, from Blizzards Diablo concept art to the fan art. I was amazed!

Q: How did you embark on this challenge? What influenced your final art and how did you intend to stand out amongst such great art? A: I set out to portray a real sense of good versus evil, a scene with a sort of impending carnage!. I aimed to capture some of the dramatic posturing you typically see in the epic biblical battle scenes painted by the great renaissance artists. I thought it could translate into a Diablo design and would be a different twist for the contest.

Q: Which digital programs do you use and can you offer tips and suggestion for T-shirt designers? A: I used Photoshop and Painter for this design. My advice for aspiring artists would be to Look at the top selling tees here and try to understand why they are popular. When you start a tee design first of all, just focus on getting a good balance and interaction of the main elements/general shapes of your concept with a rough sketch. Then play around with the composition and placement, getting it to work for the shape of the t-shirt. All of this should be done before rendering your killer illustration !Something that's worked for me is that when I really believe in a design of mine that doesn't win/print I'll go back and rework/remix it and submit it again. I have had some success with this. Sometimes all you need to do is take your mind off the design for a few weeks and come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes and you'll see what the design needs.

Q: How do you gather votes and attention during a contest? A: Normally I tweet and use Mintees to promote my designs. I just about made the contest deadline with this entry and then had to jump back onto some work deadlines straight after alas unfortunately I had no time to promote my Diablo submission as much as I had hoped, but I was glad that it received good feedback from the awesome DBH community.

Q: Can you pick a favorite from the submissions and explain why it stood out fro you? A: There was so much ridiculously good work! Some of the painting skills on display for this contest were just amazing. Ruthless by SilentOp really caught my eye, it's brutal and the detail is awesome plus the single color and placement of the design lives perfectly on the t-shirt. For me it really is the quintessential character T-shirt.

Q: You won a huge prize, what’s that money going to be spent on? A: I would love to splurge it on some fun stuff! So many temptations but I have a mortgage and I recently got married so it will go into the savings account, Kinda Boring but I am a freelancer. So for me it's the right thing to do. Keep it for when I need it right!

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