Mephisto - Lord of Hatred

Mephisto - Lord of Hatred T-Shirt
Mephisto - Lord of Hatred T-Shirt
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Oct 25 2013
Mephisto - Lord of Hatred T-Shirt
Mephisto - Lord of Hatred T-Shirt


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Our t-shirts are made from a 100% combed ringspun cotton and garment-dyed for premium softness and minimal shrinkage.

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The winner of the Diablo III contest is here. Mephisto, Lord of Hatred takes the top spot. This incredible digital painting is flawless. The details, the pose and the interpretation of this evil character made this a popular choice. Mephisto in all his painted glory reaches out to grab the viewers attention. All that's left to do is own this amazing piece of official Blizzard merchandise.

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TamplierPainter Artist Interview


Q: Hi Tamplier, you are pretty new to Design By Humans, please tell us more about yourself. A: I live in Russia. I started to practice digital art 2 years ago. In the beginning I was drawing fan-art just for fun but later I began to do it professionally. In the last couple of months I have started to create T-shirt design. This contest was a great opportunity to test myself.

Q: How did you hear about the contest and what inspired you to choose the character Mephisto? A: I found out about the contest by chance, when I was looking at the official Diablo's site. When I saw this news I felt inspired and that I should try to enter. I had many ideas about what this design should look like. At first I decided it would be a barbarian, but I remembered that I had drawn that for another Blizzard contest. I thought about it and decided to draw Mephisto. This character I knew well from the previous part of Diablo. There were very few mentions of him in Diablo 3, so I decided to correct the situation.

Q: What was your starting point and how long did it take you to arrive at the final artwork? A: I learned about this contest quite late and I realized it wasn't much time to take part. So I started to draw sketches that day and tried to finalize my concept as quickly as possible. When I started to work on this piece, I had no idea how it would turn out visually. The idea appeared in the process of drawing. I also didn't know technical requirements for printing and it was a big problem for me so I had to consider that and try and stay within the color limitations. Fortunately I focused and met the deadline. I was planning to draw several options, but I didn't have the time because of the tight deadline.

Q: You really captured the essence of the character with your limited color pallet and use of light in the design, can you explain more about that process? A: I tried many effects when drawing the character. Different colors, no backlight, subtle changes etc. I needed to show it my friends, wanted them to tell me how it would be better. Gathering other peoples opinions was very valuable and I came to the conclusion that this option was the best for this character.

Q: Were you inspired by the art of Blizzard or were you looking to add your own spin on the character? A: Of course I tried to make it in the spirit of Diablo 3. I have relied on official image of Mephisto in the process of drawing, but I’ve made some small changes to fit with my style and make this piece my own.

Q: You have painted Blizzard characters before, was this one more complex than previous paintings? A: The hardest part for me was the fact that I had to draw not just a beautiful image of Mephisto but also consider the fact that this was a print for the t-shirt. It was difficult to be limited by certain colors. So yes, it was more difficult than usual!

Q: Which particular program did you use to create the art, would you recommend it to new comers in the T-shirt design world? A: I use Photoshop. I find it comfortable to draw in Photoshop so I always work only in that program. I would recommend for all beginners to try different graphics programs and choose something that is convenient for you personally. Find something that fits your personal style. Everyone has his or her own preferences.

Q: Were you surprised by the amount of votes you got and can you share with us how you promote your art? A: I have many subscribers on different sites and social networks. So there is no surprise that people decided to support me in this contest. I am very grateful to all of them! Thank you!

Q: We received a lot of great art for this contest, was there one design that stood out for you? A: I like Kraky's artwork very much. This is great use of light and shadows. It's a good shape and it looks cool on the t-shirt. Also I like Studio8Worx's art, it's very picturesque. Well done!

Q: You won the top prize, what do you intend to do with such a huge amount of prize money? A: I haven't thought about it yet, I guess I’ll buy a good graphics tablet or better computer. I'll see.

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