Majestic Spell

Majestic Spell T-Shirt
Majestic Spell T-Shirt
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Oct 22 2013
Majestic Spell T-Shirt
Majestic Spell T-Shirt


Printed in the USA

Our t-shirts are made from a 100% combed ringspun cotton and garment-dyed for premium softness and minimal shrinkage.

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Color White

Arrives before Christmas.

Studio8worx artwork explodes across this design like a Diablo rainbow. The unique style, the witchdoctor details and the unquestionable brilliance shine through in this piece. Taking 4th place in the Blizzard Diablo contest, Majestic Spell is destined for greatness. Get this unique art and excellent interpretation of the famous Diablo witchdoctor character.

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Studio8Worx Artist Interview


Hello! First of all I want to congratulate everyone who participated in the Diablo contest! I want to send my big thanks to my family, friends, followers and supporters for their full support! And of course to DBH and Blizzard for choosing my design,its a great honor to be a part of this epic contest. More power to you guys!

Q: You are a seasoned designer here at Design By Humans, tell us a little bit about yourself, where you are from and how you came to be such an amazing artist. A: Im Francis Arcega aka Studio8Worx born in the Philippines, currently working full time as a Product Designer in candy/ toys company in HK. Im married and have 2 great boys. I'm a tshirt addict and designer. Becoming an amazing artist is a great compliment and achievement and it feels great because my hard work and passion in art is gradually paying off. As an artist, what I always do is practice my skills after working hours. I made it a hobby to watch digital artists in youtube, read art books and comics and visit art websites and compete with other talented artists from other t-shirt competitions. Keeping myself busy is good because I want to learn more and enhance my artistic skills and talent.

Q: What lead you to the Blizzard Diablo contest and why did you select the witchdoctor in your design? A: When you hear the name Blizzard? Diablo? Wow!.. the first thing that came to mind was that this is a huge and popular gaming company with lots of talented and amazing artists. When I received the news from my email and learned that DBH will run the contest…I said HELLYEAH! I don't want to miss this opportunity. I chose the Witch Doctor as my main character because first of, I thought he was the wickedest choice..I knew most of the artists would pick the Angels and the Demonic Boss. So I decided to stay away from that. I looked lots of images, photos and references of Witch Doctor and that character really caught my attention. How cool he has this wooden mask with feathers on the head. I'm also into magical things..the colors and effects really fit my style. Finally, I did my very best to come out with something new to make this art so special, for me.

Q: What was your process for creating this design? A: First thing I did was warm up sketches, brainstorming, practicing some effects with my Artrage tools to get familiarized with the software. Then, when I felt more relaxed I started working on my design directly into my computer.

Q: Your design uses water colored splatters of bright colors but somehow captures the unique essence of the character. How do you achieve this effect? A: I guess its because I already established my own style,so adding a little flavor to it is a lot easier for me.

Q: Where you influenced by any of the amazing Blizzard artists or elements from their games when creating your winning design? A: Honestly… I don't know anyone inside the Blizzard art team, all I know is that they are super talented artists but I'm not really aware of their names. I've heard Diablo is a great game but I never had a chance to play online games. Before I decided to join the contest, I did some research, watching youtube videos, looking for other fan art sites. I wanted to get to know the game and the audience. I need to have my mind set and be fully immersed before I start working on my design.

Q: You have a DBHCollective store, how is that helping you to make more art? A: Its great and Its very helpful to earn some extra $$$. I guess if I have time to create more designs to add to my store I will earn much more $$$, plus it's one great area of exposure. I will try to find time to work on new designs soon. I hope you guys will visit my collective store.

Q: What digital program did you use to make this design and what tips do you have for up and coming artists? A: I am using ArtRage as my new drawing apps to create watercolor effects. It is a great tool..easy to use and it feels real when you do watercolor paintings. Im really having fun using it. The good thing is it is not messy : D. Photoshop is the last part to add some additional brushes, cool effects, editing and for the final layout. My tips for the aspiring artist, Have FUN… .Be MOTIVATED… Be ORIGINAL and Be HUMBLE…

Q: What about self promotion? How did you gather votes and get so much attention on your entry to the contest? A: I usually post my designs in FACEBOOK, TUMBLR, and TWITTER. And also I created a Filipino Designers group in facebook, we call it FOTAH! We help each other out everytime we have designs up for voting. And the rest ..I let my family and friends share it on their Facebook walls too.

Q: Of all the other entries which one caught your eye and why? A: Well of course, the work of TamplierPainter…he is really good doing this kind of stuff. I'm a big fan of his work : D

Q: Finally, congratulations on landing a large cash prize. How do you intend on spending It? A: Save a part of it. And share with my family. Thanks a lot guys! Peace!

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