Ruthless T-Shirt
Ruthless T-Shirt
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Oct 24 2013
Ruthless T-Shirt
Ruthless T-Shirt


Printed in the USA

Our t-shirts are made from a 100% combed ringspun cotton and garment-dyed for premium softness and minimal shrinkage.

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Color White

Arrives before Christmas.

Ruthless by name ruthless by nature. This epic Barbarian art stands out from the crowd for it's amazing use of just two colors. Meet the Barbarian, the furious warrior who fights with no mercy. A popular character transformed here into a unique and popular Blizzard Diablo III design. Congratulations SilentOp on taking 2nd place in the Diablo III Contest.

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silentOp Artist Interview


Hey guys! First of all, thanks very much to Blizzard Entertainment and Design by Humans for choosing me. It's an honor to compete with the greatest artists around the world. You guys are amazing.

Q: You've been around on Design By Humans for a while but for those who don't know you, tell us where you are from and how you came to be such an amazing artist. – A: I'm Jay D. Maninang from The Philippines. I'm a self-taught artist, I grew up copying and drawing cartoon characters and superheroes on paper bags which my mother used for selling lemons.

Q: What drew you to the Blizzard Diablo contest and why did you select the character in your design? A: It's very challenging, creating an epic work of art on shirt for Blizzard with DBH is a great worldwide opportunity to show my skills. My first choice was Imperius, and it was my first entry. But when I saw and studied the character of Barbarian, I realized the style I wanted would fit better for his character.

Q: What was your process for creating this design? A: I always start studying the character first, find and study the highlight of the piece. Research for reference, sketching the studies… and finally Photoshop the final artwork.

Q: Your design uses the T-shirt as a canvas and has a very all over approach. Do you think this style of art represented the character you selected best? A: Yes, I wanted to show the character as bold, brutal and screaming… showing the hand strokes as if it is in action, capturing motion. I also wanted it to be different and iconic.

Q: Where you influenced by any of the amazing Blizzard artists or elements from their games when creating your winning design? A: Yes, I used most of them as my reference, they were all great.

Q: How did you design your design to stand out with hundreds of other entries? A: I knew I couldn't be greater or equal to everyone. Especially compared to all the awesome digital painters and artists who entered. All of them were amazing. So, I needed to be different from all the other entries. That is how I came to the decision to use a semi monochromatic scheme for my piece. Less is more… :D

Q: What digital program did you use to make your design and what tips do you have for aspiring artists? A: I only use photoshop, tips, just follow your instincts, keep on studying, be creative, humble and kind.

Q: Let's talk about self promotion. How do you amass a following and keep the votes coming? A: Posted my entry on social networks, personal website and sent the links to my family and friends. Just be social, vote on other entries, be humble and kind and you'll get the same in return….

Q: You created an amazing amount of detail with just two colors, how did you do that? A: It's a combination of manual, digital sketch and photoshop brushes to build depth and detail.

Q: Finally, congratulations on landing a large cash prize. How do you intend on spending it? A: Most of the winning will go to my children's tuition fee, bills, bills, and bills…. And the rest, if there is any, a treat for my family and maybe a PC upgrade.

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