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Azazel Evesky, The Black Angel

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from United Kingdom / Member Since 2014

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Azazel is the second child of God and is the Lord of the Nichtirim, , the Nighted ones. He is the shaper of destinies and the shepherd of souls, the Angel who traverses between the realms of spirit and matter, to guide those whom have lost their way in the ether.

Hailing from the black moon of Nicht Kashir, the Nichtirim are a blighted race in the eyes of their peers, for they solely bare the burden of Darkness upon their shoulders. This leads to equal measures of pity and reluctance amongst the common angels.

The Black Angels' duties include the scrying of the night sky, reading into the destinies of those who seek guidance on the path of their fate as well as maintaining the streams of time, to ensure ones' fate does not deviate from their intended path.

The Nichtirim are an ethereal clan and are responsible for the safe passage of recently departed souls to find their way through the Wheel of fate and be restored to their new incarnations. The Nichtirim are an fatalistic race, always surrendering their arguments and disagreements to the will of Destiny. They can be recognised by their ghostly aura, almost translucent skin and hollow, blackened eyes.

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