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A Vintage style emblem inspired by the JRPG Final Fantasy.

??????, Chokobo no Mori

Chocobo's Forest is a location in Final Fantasy IX where the player first acquires a chocobo. Chocobo's Forest is an optional location found on the bottom level of the eastern side of Mist Continent. Chocobo forests are a recurring type of location in the Final Fantasy series and usually associated as places where the player can catch a chocobo to ride on the world map; in Final Fantasy IX the player does obtain a chocobo by visiting the forest, but the place from there on is used for playing the minigame Chocobo Hot and Cold. After befriending Mene the moogle at the forest, the player can buy Gysahl Greens from him in the forest.

When the player first visits Chocobo's Forest Mene will give the player a Gysahl Greens to call for Choco. If the player goes and sells the Gysahl Green back at Lindblum Mene will keep giving more Gysahl Greens until the player calls Choco.

Chocobo's Forest is an optional location. It can be visited as early as the first disc, but the initial conversation is different between Zidane and Mene depending at what point in the game the player first visits the Chocobo Forest.

Our stickers are individually die-cut vinyl with a 1/8th inch white border around the design. Ideal for smooth, flat surfaces, our stickers will add a splash of art to to any surface you deem worthy.

Stickers are approximately 3" x 4".

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