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This dishwasher and microwave safe mug isn't just a premium ceramic vessel for your hot or cold beverage; it's an 11oz reflection of your identity.

As far as I'm aware, the process of opening an oblivion gate (to the Mehrunes Dagon plane specifically) is never explained in-game or otherwise, but mythic dawn are clearly related. Among them is an altmer named Eldamil, who it is said, was responsible for opening the gates at Kvatch. The pic shows a party of cultists, tasked with executing said siege. Eldamil is at the center, carrying a sigil stone to be used in the opening ritual. The ritual would include a sacrifice, forming the "blood seal" in the shape of the high chamber and the gate itself. Symbolically, the scene takes place at dawn.

The name Sigillum Sanguis is a reference to the chamber atop a Sigil Keep, where Sigil Stones are kept, linking the worlds together.

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