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Bunnies are cute and mild-tempered and cuddly and loveable. That is why they are so often used in cruel animal testing, like the Draize Eye and Skin tests.
The idea that these sweet animals are killed by the cosmetics manufacturers, they are tortured because of human vanity - it's disgusting.
There are alternatives to rabbit testing. There are also manufacturers who don't torture these fluffy cuties.
My bunnies are pretty mad they and their family are being abused and we're all hoping this will stop.

Designed by DBH Community & Printed in the USA

13" x 11" = .10" thick
18" x 16" = .18" thick
36" x 18" = .18" thick

Polyester top & sewn edges

Non-slip rubber back

Dye-Sublimation printing process for a permanent graphic that will not peel or fade with use

Durable, comfortable & perfect for gaming

Machine washable, hang dry

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