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Past Design of the Day Winners

  • Mountains Mountains by originalwicked
  • Life is Scary Life is Scary by ghosttraveler
  • Geometric Shark Geometric Shark by dandingeroz
  • Sacred Geometry Triangles - Misty Forest Sacred Geometry Triangles - Misty Forest by Maryedenoa
  • Cosmic Raven Cosmic Raven by ECMazur
  • Witch's Cauldron Witch's Cauldron by ghosttraveler
  • Sharkiri Sushi Sharkiri Sushi by ilustrata
  • Nouveau Red Nouveau Red by Nakanoart
  • Night in Tokyo 2020 Night in Tokyo 2020 by Monerty
  • Fast Food Fast Food by darruda
  • Fish watercolor - japane fish Fish watercolor - japane fish by onneat
  • I Workout So I Can Eat Garbage I Workout So I Can Eat Garbage by Freshoutlook
  • Hattori Hanzo Hattori Hanzo by Melonseta
  • Take me Please Take me Please by darruda
  • Ramen noodles and cats Ramen noodles and cats by ppmid
  • Speed is Relative Speed is Relative by MusarterD3
  • It's Raining Ghost It's Raining Ghost by KayIllustrations
  • Skeletal When Lit - Pinball Playing Skull Skeletal When Lit - Pinball Playing Skull by AlbrightIllustration
  • Aliens Love Aliens Love by Bongonation
  • Zapping devil Zapping devil by Joetamponi
  • Lost in the Wilds Lost in the Wilds by Geof
  • Painted Spidey Painted Spidey by Marvel
  • Takaiju Takaiju by ilustrata
  • Tigress Tarot Card Tigress Tarot Card by SleepyBunny
  • How I put a spell on you How I put a spell on you by RhunaArt
  • Go beyond Go beyond by Lauracarorf
  • Fiery Frolic Fiery Frolic by Cuphead
  • Cats and Coffee club Cats and Coffee club by Bomdesignz
  • Nekomancer Nekomancer by ilustrata
  • Moon Moth 01 Moon Moth 01 by Nikury
  • Red Fox jumping into Snow Red Fox jumping into Snow by DrMonekers
  • Lady of the lake Lady of the lake by Strijkdesign
  • The Sleeper of R'lyeh The Sleeper of R'lyeh by MeleeNinja
  • World Traveler World Traveler by radiomode
  • Dungeon Master Dungeon Master by artlahdesigns
  • Bless this Press Bless this Press by PaisleyDrawrs
  • Octo Sushi Bar Octo Sushi Bar by vincenttrinidad
  • Octurbulence Octurbulence by TAOJB
  • Pour a Lil' Magic Pour a Lil' Magic by ghosttraveler
  • Always Here Always Here by Bongonation
  • Coffee Cat Coffee Cat by KayIllustrations
  • Kame house pink Kame house pink by Melonseta
  • Night Owl Night Owl by againstbound
  • Time Is Swift! Time Is Swift! by effect14
  • Space Jam Space Jam by GeekyLittleMonkey
  • The Demon Huntress The Demon Huntress by Hellustrations
  • Grin Reaper Grin Reaper by obinsun
  • Ramen Rider Ramen Rider by ilustrata
  • Red Sphere Red Sphere by StevenToang
  • TV Head Girl TV Head Girl by InkedSherbert
  • Ghost Of Disapproval Ghost Of Disapproval by obinsun
  • Chaos Magic Chaos Magic by neonbeast
  • Be Awesome Be Awesome by darruda
  • Midnight Rain Midnight Rain by Exosam
  • Yeti Believes In You Yeti Believes In You by Freshoutlook
  • Life is Scary Life is Scary by ghosttraveler
  • Night Flamingos Night Flamingos by ramarama
  • Love is Love Love is Love by Geekydog
  • HOT MESS! HOT MESS! by gasponce