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Welcome to the Space Jam! Design Artwork for Space Jam: A New Legacy

Get all tuned up because it's time to design officially licensed artwork for the DBH Space Jam: A New Legacy FanShop. Whether you're cheering for the Tune Squad or you can't wait to watch the Goon Squad dribbling on the court, everyone will be excited to create artwork for the DBH Space Jam: A New Legacy FanShop.

Head to the Serververse for a little inspiration and draw a dream team of characters like BUGS BUNNY, LOLA BUNNY, and DAFFY DUCK to celebrate Space Jam: A New Legacy. Now is your chance to go "old school" with iconic LOONEY TUNES characters (you can even draft GRANNY to your team!) or relocate the Serververse from the digital world onto pen and paper instead. The DBH Space Jam: A New Legacy FanShop is here to make creating officially licensed LOONEY TUNES artwork a slam dunk for you.

Grab your basketball, lace up those sneakers, and head out onto the court for the opportunity to make officially licensed graphics for Space Jam: A New Legacy today!

Getting Started

  1. Get Jammin' on Space Jam: A New Legacy Art

    Create a t-shirt design for your favorite LOONEY TUNES characters in Space Jam: A New Legacy like BUGS BUNNY, LOLA BUNNY, and MARVIN THE MARTIAN by submitting high resolution artwork and a product mock-up.

  2. Swish! Approval Time

    All designs that follow the rules and guidelines found in the design brief will be sent to Warner Bros. for approval.

  3. Nothing But Net (and Royalty Payments)

    Approved designs will be sold in the Officially Licensed Space Jam: A New Legacy store and the artist will receive a standard royalty for every product sold.


  • Participants must have a DBH store account to submit their artwork
  • Participants may submit as many designs as they want, no limit
  • This design must be 100% your own work, please do not submit art that is produced by someone else. Proof of original source material may be required
  • No sexual content, overly graphic violence, drug use, alcohol abuse, profanity, firearms, or characters/property depicted in a negative light
  • All submissions will be approved/rejected at DBH's discretion. If your design is rejected you will be given a reason why


  • Art should be in the cartoon style
  • Do not change any of the legally protected taglines (i.e. That's All Folks)
  • Do not use the names and/or likenesses of any live-action talent
  • Do not include any music or lyrics
  • Do not re-create core logos like "ToonSquad"
  • Do not create mash-ups between Space Jam: A New Legacy characters and other properties
  • Do not create designs that have already been done
  • Do not use character images from the internet

SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY and all related characters and elements © & ™ WBEI. (s21)

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