Astronaut for a Day:
Design Artwork Inspired by NASA

Is Earth just too small to hold your artistic talent? Leave gravity behind and visit the stars by creating a NASA design for Design By Humans today! The National Aeronautics and Space Administration encourages the love of exploration, innovation, and out-of-this-world fashion; it's your turn to take a ride into space and create a NASA design fit for aliens and Humans alike!
Launch your style into the stars by creating a Design By Humans NASA shirt! Whether you're an aspiring astronaut, a science lover, a space enthusiast, or just into awesome NASA logos, everyone will find something to love when designing NASA designs. Here's what you need to do to build your rocket:

  1. Launch Your Art

    Create a t-shirt design for NASA by submitting high resolution artwork and a product mock-up.

  2. Complying Designs Sent Out for Approval

    All designs that follow the rules and guidelines found in the design brief will be sent out for approval.

  3. We Have Lift Off

    Approved designs will be sold in the Officially Licensed NASA store and the artist will receive a standard royalty for every product sold.


  1. Participants must have a DBH store account to submit their artwork.
  2. Participants may submit as many designs as they want, no limit.
  3. This design must be 100% your own work, please do not submit art that is produced by someone else. Proof of original source material may be required.
  4. DO NOT use images directly taken from a third party/ use protected symbols/logos or characters that may have copyright protection.
  5. No sexual content or overly graphic violence
  6. All submissions will be approved/rejected at DBH's discretion. If your design is rejected you will be given a reason why.


  • NASA images in the public domain can be used, however any images that contain the appearance or name of any NASA employee or astronaut are prohibited. Public domain images of unrecognizable astronauts in space suits are permissible as long as the astronaut's name is not legible in the image.
  • Both the NASA Insignia and NASA Logotype are permitted.
  • NASA Insignia:
    PMS colors are 185 red and 286 blue
    The full colored NASA Insignia should not be outlined. The NASA Insignia cannot be shown distorted or in reverse and elements cannot be shown separately. A one-color NASA Insignia can appear against a colored background as long as it is shown with a thin white rule line around the circumference of the circle which is not covered by the vector. A black and white NASA Insignia can appear against a black background with a thin white rule line around the circumference of the circle which is not covered by the vector

  • NASA Logotype
    The NASA Logotype cannot be altered. The NASA Logotype should not appear inside another logo or shape. The NASA Logotype should not be outlined

  • NASA Seal
    The NASA Seal is not permitted.


Royalties differ from your standard rates
View your NASA royalty rates »

You will earn royalties from sales on the following channels:

  • Marketplaces
  • Merch on Demand
  • Google Express